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We digitally dye sublimate printing with absolutely NO restrictions. Get as creative as you want. The tie in the back allows for easy adjustments and is 100% washable. You can easily remove and replace your filter from the pocket located in the back of each washable mask. We use a premium performance fabric that is antimicrobial and sweat wicking. It has zero shrink and optimal breathability.

Disposable Filter


This 4 inch, 2-ply filter is manufactured from 100% melt-blown fabric that’s made in the USA. This same fabric is what’s used in N95 masks. Filters should be replaced every 2-3 days. Easily and quickly replenish your filters by signing up for a subscription service.


This 2-ply disposable mask is manufactured from 100% melt-blown fabric. This same fabric is what’s used in N95 masks. We use soft touch elastic for our disposable masks. This creates minimal friction behind the ear for a more comfortable feel.


The team at Tawk Masks conducted extensive research into sourcing the best materials to manufacture our masks. We offer complete design customization and optimal protection to help keep you safe during this pandemic. We invite you to browse our extensive library of designs or get creative and design your own.